Wardrobe Mistress

Wardrobe Mistress

Katharine Hepburn's closet opens at Kent museum

Connoisseurs of designer names past and present will certainly recognize the talent that created Hepburn's look. “[These] costumes were designed or overseen by some of the greatest 20th century designers for fashion, stage and film,” says Druesedow. “Valentino, Adrian, Irene, Muriel King, Cecil Beaton, Coco Chanel, Walter Plunkett, Edith Head, Patricia Zipprodt, Jane Greenwood, Noel Taylor – it’s an ‘A’ list all the way.”

At the October 2 opening and continuing through the exhibition’s duration, special programs and events on Hepburn’s influence on fashion, her life and artistry, stage and screen costume design, and the impact of the entertainment industry on fashion will be presented at the museum and throughout Northeast Ohio. For updates on these events, contact the museum or connect with the museum on Facebook. For more information and details on the exhibit, visit

WATCH: Katharine Hepburn: Dressed For Stage And Screen

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On September 24th, 2010 @ 12:13:pm, Kay Sphar stated:

This is definitely something that the ladies will be interested in seeing! Thanks! It's a great article.

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